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The Ceremony “Opening of the Mouth

There’s probably no another ritual of the Ancient Egyptian civilization best known and widespread than that of the so-called “Opening of the Mouth” (upet-r). This ritual, with multiple meanings and sometimes seemingly contradictory, is in fact attested in all stages of the long Egyptian history, albeit as subjects in the course of the more than…
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01/18/2020 0

The Tomb of Horemheb – TT78

The owner of the TT78 Theban tomb is called Horemheb Horemheb (Hrw-m-h3b, Hr-m-hb, Heremheb, Horemhab, Haremhab, “Horus is celebrating”), as was the well-known pharaoh, but the two characters are not contemporaries: our Horemheb lived about 80 years before the sovereign. Through its texts and images, this tomb makes an important contribution to knowledge of the…
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12/16/2019 0

Il Trono d’oro del re Tutankhamon

Il Trono d’oro del re Tutankhamon è un capolavoro d’arte, non solo in tempi dell’Antico Egitto, ma anche nella storia dell’arte dell’umanità in generale. Il significato del Trono in Egitto:– Il trono in Egitto, come in molti paesi orientali, era un simbolo di autorità e prestigio. Sei sedie erano sepolti con Tutankhamon nel suo sepolcro,…
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