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The Papyrus of Ani

The Papyrus of Ani is one of the most complete versions of the Book of the Dead we have, hence its fame. It was composed during the nineteenth dynasty, around 1275 BC, for Ani, royal scribe of Thebes, and his wife Tutu, priestess of Amon. The papyrus was composed by joining six different sections, varying…
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The Barque of Isis

The revelations of the prophet of Amon-Râ, which opened out to the new initiate such vast horizons over himself and over the universe, doubtless produced a profound impression, when uttered from the observatory of a Theban temple, in the clear calm of an Egyptian night. The pylons, the white roofs, and terraces of the temples…
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The Esoteric Meaning of the Myth of Osiris

  The figure of Osiris can be considered part of a quaternary and a ternary: the relationships with his brothers Seth, Isis and Neb-het, configure a quaternary made of two pairs, while his relationship with Isis and her son Horus give rise to a ternary. Osiris and Seth are the figure of two opposing powers…
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The Book of the Two Ways

The most detailed graphical composition of the Coffin Texts is the “Book of Two Ways”. This collection (also known as the “Guide to the Ways of Rostau”) is found on a few coffins from the Middle Egyptian necropolis of Deir el Bersha and is the earliest example of a map of the netherworld. It is…
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The pillar Ged

If the knot Tit is the symbol of Isis, the pillar Ged is of his spouse Osiris; Moreover, the two most famous divine couple of Egypt comes these two symbols. The origin of Ged, however, is certainly prior to the appearance of Osiris in the Nile Valley. In the Neolithic period, it was a fetish,…
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  Pr-nq, House of Life: a little known institution in the current culture of those who are interested in ancient Egypt. Yet, as we shall see, it was a foundation of great importance for the elaboration of the various facets of Egypt’s religious and magical culture. The Wb translates the term as “teaching site for…
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In Egypt found the Book of the Two Ways, the oldest illustrated text in the world

Illustrated books always express a certain charm and every self-respecting bookshop should have a good selection. But this is a bit difficult to find in stores, as well as to browse. In Egypt, the oldest copy of what is considered the first illustrated text in the world has been discovered: an edition of the Book…
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In the last era of ancient Egypt religious writings were largely translated into Greek, at a time when they were studied and collected as an embodiment of the ideas of a world that was already fading. This revered past has kept its hold on imagination as it contained mystical powers to convince the invisible and…
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Il Misterioso Dio Serapide

    I Romani pensavano che i Cristiani fossero solo una delle tante sette di Galilea, sovversive, ma tollerate se rispettavano l’idea imperiale, ma è curioso che gli adoratori di Serapide siano stati assimilati ad essi, se hanno persino ammazzato San Marco venuto a predicare in Egitto, a quanto dice De Rachewiltz. Le raffigurazioni del…
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[:it]La scoperta della Tomba di Seti I[:en]The Discovery of the Tomb of Seti I [:]

[:it] La scoperta della tomba di Seti I di Giovanni Battista Belzoni (pubblicato nel 1820) Il 16 ottobre 1817 ricominciai i miei scavi nella valle di Beban el Malook (la Valle dei Re), e indicai il punto fortunato, che mi ha pagato per tutti i problemi che avevo preso nelle mie ricerche. Potrei definirlo un…
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