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There seems to be a similarity between the moral codes of the ancient Egyptians and the early Israelites. The Ten Commandments given by God to Moses on the top of Mount Sinai are clearly set in an Egyptian tradition and would seem to have common roots with the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Except for…
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The Golden Throne of King Tutankhamun

King Tutankhamun’s Golden Throne is a masterpiece of art, not only in Ancient Egyptian times, but also in the history of the art of humanity in general. The meaning of the Throne in Egypt: – The throne in Egypt, as in many eastern countries, was a symbol of authority and prestige. Six chairs were buried…
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In Egypt found the Book of the Two Ways, the oldest illustrated text in the world

Illustrated books always express a certain charm and every self-respecting bookshop should have a good selection. But this is a bit difficult to find in stores, as well as to browse. In Egypt, the oldest copy of what is considered the first illustrated text in the world has been discovered: an edition of the Book…
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The Tomb of Horemheb – TT78

The owner of the TT78 Theban tomb is called Horemheb Horemheb (Hrw-m-h3b, Hr-m-hb, Heremheb, Horemhab, Haremhab, “Horus is celebrating”), as was the well-known pharaoh, but the two characters are not contemporaries: our Horemheb lived about 80 years before the sovereign. Through its texts and images, this tomb makes an important contribution to knowledge of the…
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Wine for the Aten

Despite its novel appearance, the Great Aten Temple remained firmly within theEgyptian tradition of placing offerings of food and drink (and incense) at the centreof temple activities. Their variety and the care taken with their administration wasrecorded on at least one stela erected within the main temple precinct. Onefragment (in the Metropolitan Museum of Art,…
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Who were the Hyksos?

Manetho, the Egyptian historian, who lived in the Ptolemaic era, is the main source of information on the invasion of the Hyksos. Some pieces of information dealing with the invasion are preserved by Josephus, Eusebius and Sestus Giulius Africanus. Josephus, has preserved a large part of the second book of the Egypt of Manetho. Quote…
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[:it]La Vita di Manetone – Tradizione e Ipotesi[:en]The Life of Manetone – Tradition and Hypothesis[:]

[:it] La nostra conoscenza di Manetone è per la maggior parte scarna e incerta; ma possiamo affermare tre cose: sono la sua patria, il suo sacerdozio a Heliopolis, e la sua attività per l’introduzione del culto di Serapide. Il nome Manetone (Μανεθώς, spesso scritto Μανέθων) si può spiegare come “La verità di Thoth“, e un…
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