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Tag: Egyptian religion

The pillar Ged

If the knot Tit is the symbol of Isis, the pillar Ged is of his spouse Osiris; Moreover, the two most famous divine couple of Egypt comes these two symbols. The origin of Ged, however, is certainly prior to the appearance of Osiris in the Nile Valley. In the Neolithic period, it was a fetish,…
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The Ceremony “Opening of the Mouth

There’s probably no another ritual of the Ancient Egyptian civilization best known and widespread than that of the so-called “Opening of the Mouth” (upet-r). This ritual, with multiple meanings and sometimes seemingly contradictory, is in fact attested in all stages of the long Egyptian history, albeit as subjects in the course of the more than…
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The Egyptian Priestly class

In ancient Egypt only the pharaoh could talk with the deities and the human and divine world. He celebrated all the ceremonies of the Egyptian religion: the daily rites and the special celebrations that take place in the various temples. It was a very hard work and difficult to handle even for the divine Pharaoh.…
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La classe sacerdotale Egizia

Nell’Antico Egitto solo il faraone poteva interloquire con le divinità e il mondo unmao e divino. Egli , celebrava tutte le cerimonie della religione egizia: i riti quotidiani e le celebrazioni speciali che si svolgecano nei vari templi. Era un lavoro molto duro e difficile da gestire perfino per il divino faraone. Fu nominato infatti…
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