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Ushabti: to the deceased service

  The Egyptians believed that the afterlife was a restatement of the earthly life and as such the dead were both obliged to carry out daily tasks that had accompanied them during the course of life is to provide for themselves. Resulting of corvées considered boring, such as irrigation and working the fields that the…
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08/29/2020 0

The Book of the Two Ways

The most detailed graphical composition of the Coffin Texts is the “Book of Two Ways”. This collection (also known as the “Guide to the Ways of Rostau”) is found on a few coffins from the Middle Egyptian necropolis of Deir el Bersha and is the earliest example of a map of the netherworld. It is…
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04/12/2020 0

Ushabti: al servizio dei defunti

[:it] Gli Egizi credevano che l’Aldilà fosse una riproposizione della vita terrena e come tale i defunti erano obbligati sia a svolgere i lavori quotidiani che li avevano accompagnati durante il corso della vita sia a provvedere al proprio sostentamento. Ne derivano delle corvées ritenute noiose, quali l’irrigazione e la lavorazione dei campi che i…
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