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  Archaeologists have never given up the hope of one day finding the burial place of Pharaoh Akhenaten, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances after 17 years on the throne, and was succeeded by his son Tutankhamun. Some archaeologists are even looking for the king’s tomb far away from the Nile Valley, in the desert of…
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Power of Queen Tiy

  In Amenhotep III we can see the lazy and speculative Oriental, too improbable and too vain to bear the rigid routine of his fathers, yet too devoid of energy to formulate a new religion. On the other hand, there is everything about Aton, which completely supplants Atum, has been heard with some frequency in…
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Akhenaten’s successors

Between Akhenaten and Tutankhamun, Manetho mentions two sovereigns named “Akhenkherres”, a man and a woman; the latter is referred to as “king’s daughter”. This situation is reflected in Egyptian sources (inscriptions on blocks and stelae, seal impressions, “labels” of jars) which mention two rulers in the Amarnian age with a praenomen (ie name of throne)…
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The religion of light

Pharaoh Amenhotep IV changed the name to Akhenaten in honor of the god Aten. After his death his name was erased from the lists of kings, all his monuments, all his symbols were destroyed to erase his memory. In modern times, his epigraphs dating back to the time of Amarna (Akhetaten) were rediscovered, and it…
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Moses the Egyptian

The idea of ​​monotheism is linked to Moses. But the one who embodied this idea and affirmed it is the pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV). We are not so sure of Moses that it ever existed, but its presence in the Scriptures has accompanied us to this day. Of Akhenaten we know…
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The Golden Throne of King Tutankhamun

King Tutankhamun’s Golden Throne is a masterpiece of art, not only in Ancient Egyptian times, but also in the history of the art of humanity in general. The meaning of the Throne in Egypt: – The throne in Egypt, as in many eastern countries, was a symbol of authority and prestige. Six chairs were buried…
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The Tomb of Horemheb – TT78

The owner of the TT78 Theban tomb is called Horemheb Horemheb (Hrw-m-h3b, Hr-m-hb, Heremheb, Horemhab, Haremhab, “Horus is celebrating”), as was the well-known pharaoh, but the two characters are not contemporaries: our Horemheb lived about 80 years before the sovereign. Through its texts and images, this tomb makes an important contribution to knowledge of the…
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Wine for the Aten

Despite its novel appearance, the Great Aten Temple remained firmly within theEgyptian tradition of placing offerings of food and drink (and incense) at the centreof temple activities. Their variety and the care taken with their administration wasrecorded on at least one stela erected within the main temple precinct. Onefragment (in the Metropolitan Museum of Art,…
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Among the beautiful buildings and the verdant gardens of the new city, Akhenaton, a man of about twenty-two, turned his thoughts completely to the development of his religion. It is necessary, therefore, for us to take a look at the essential characteristics of this most enlightened doctrine of the ancient world and, to some extent,…
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[:it] Tra i bei palazzi e i verdeggianti giardini della nuova città, Akhenaton, un uomo di circa ventidue anni, rivolse completamente i suoi pensieri allo sviluppo della sua religione. È necessario, quindi, per noi, dare uno sguardo alle caratteristiche essenziali di questa dottrina più illuminata del mondo antico e, in qualche misura, farci conoscere il…
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