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The Papyrus of Ani

The Papyrus of Ani is one of the most complete versions of the Book of the Dead we have, hence its fame. It was composed during the nineteenth dynasty, around 1275 BC, for Ani, royal scribe of Thebes, and his wife Tutu, priestess of Amon. The papyrus was composed by joining six different sections, varying…
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01/25/2021 0

Power of Queen Tiy

  In Amenhotep III we can see the lazy and speculative Oriental, too improbable and too vain to bear the rigid routine of his fathers, yet too devoid of energy to formulate a new religion. On the other hand, there is everything about Aton, which completely supplants Atum, has been heard with some frequency in…
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11/07/2020 0

Ushabti: to the deceased service

  The Egyptians believed that the afterlife was a restatement of the earthly life and as such the dead were both obliged to carry out daily tasks that had accompanied them during the course of life is to provide for themselves. Resulting of corvées considered boring, such as irrigation and working the fields that the…
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