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Are the Egyptian pyramids aligned with the stars?

  Do the Egyptian pyramids line up with the stars?  This idea gets tossed around so often that many ancient Egypt fans simply accept it as true. And on the surface, it seems plausible. The ancient Egyptians tracked the night sky closely. They studied the constellations and used the motion of the stars to make…
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Structure of the Pyramids

  The Pyramid Texts are linked to the conception of the world as solar circuit, where the Sun crosses the sky on its daytime boat and the afterlife in that night. This conception is not only reflected in their vision dell’oltremondo, but also in the structure of the rooms which show the lyrics. These rooms…
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The stone of the Phoenix

  In 1994 Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert wrote a book entitled The Mystery of Orion. The work, which has since been published in twenty languages and is still available, was based on the theory developed by Bauval, then new, according to which the pyramids of Giza intended to represent the “belt” of the Orion…
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The Barque of Isis

The revelations of the prophet of Amon-Râ, which opened out to the new initiate such vast horizons over himself and over the universe, doubtless produced a profound impression, when uttered from the observatory of a Theban temple, in the clear calm of an Egyptian night. The pylons, the white roofs, and terraces of the temples…
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  Archaeologists have never given up the hope of one day finding the burial place of Pharaoh Akhenaten, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances after 17 years on the throne, and was succeeded by his son Tutankhamun. Some archaeologists are even looking for the king’s tomb far away from the Nile Valley, in the desert of…
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The concepts of Ankh, Ba and Ka

  The concepts of ka, ba, and akh were formulated for the first time within the Pyramid Texts. These texts are a collection of funeral formulas suitable for the protection and rebirth of Pharaoh in the Lamb. The formulas represent a ritual that allows the passing of the deceased to the world beyond, where it…
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The Sed-festival (Heb Sed)

The Sed festival (Heb Sed), named after the jackal god “Sed”, was the most important celebration of kingship in ancient Egypt. Its origin rooted in the pre-dynastic times (before 3150 BC) and lasted until the Ptolemaic Period, celebrating the continued rule of the pharaoh. The festival started during the month of Choiak, the fourth month…
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Power of Queen Tiy

  In Amenhotep III we can see the lazy and speculative Oriental, too improbable and too vain to bear the rigid routine of his fathers, yet too devoid of energy to formulate a new religion. On the other hand, there is everything about Aton, which completely supplants Atum, has been heard with some frequency in…
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Akhenaten’s successors

Between Akhenaten and Tutankhamun, Manetho mentions two sovereigns named “Akhenkherres”, a man and a woman; the latter is referred to as “king’s daughter”. This situation is reflected in Egyptian sources (inscriptions on blocks and stelae, seal impressions, “labels” of jars) which mention two rulers in the Amarnian age with a praenomen (ie name of throne)…
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Ushabti: to the deceased service

  The Egyptians believed that the afterlife was a restatement of the earthly life and as such the dead were both obliged to carry out daily tasks that had accompanied them during the course of life is to provide for themselves. Resulting of corvées considered boring, such as irrigation and working the fields that the…
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